Lukáš Hrdlička Ing., BA(Hons.)

Presentation Specialist & Founder of Presenation s.r.o. agency

” I help individuals and companies create presentation experiences to achieve their goals, increase their self- esteem and eventually make things happen.”

Lukas works as a presentation skills coach and presentation specialist in the Czech Republic. He is active under “Presenation” brand, a communication agency, but his involvement is in much broader area of supporting entrepreneurship, innovation and education in the  country. Recently he worked as a Business Development Manager at Bileto Technologies, that brings cloud technology solutions to passenger transportation around the world, where he was responsible for international sales, planning of entering new markets  and setting up business  processes.

Together with GE Money Bank and Techsquare he was organising an educational platform called “Akademie Života nápadům”, he was also member of the mentoring team for IBM SmartCamp finals and Pioneers Festival that is one of the leading tech conferences around the world. For clients Lukas delivers trainings related to presentations like sales, PR or marketing materials preparation. Clients are mainly corporations to whom thorough workshops are delivered together with methods how to make internal communication effective. Not only that, Presenation works with young dynamic firms that need to sell their services and products internationally through specification of key message, vision and value proposition for sales or recruitment.

Lukas holds a Bachelor`s Degree from European Business (BA(Hons.), University of Huddersfield) and also a Master`s Degree from Business Administration (Ing., Masaryk university).

Since 2012, Lukas is fully focused on presentations and his vision is to improve level of presenting in the world so that great ideas can spread. He trained hundreds of people in Fortune 500 companies and among his clients are Citibank, IBM, PwC and also,

D.A.S. and LMC. Lukas finalised tens of presentations and prepared speakers for conferences and competitions in London, Zagreb, San Jose, Wien or Budapest.

Currently, Lukas is enjoying helping entrepreneurs and companies to increase their competitiveness, is cultivating connections through networking activities and is organising events that he sometimes host. Not only hosting, but speaking on many conferences, like a prestigious TEDxEAL in Denmark where he spoke about “Storytelling”, proves his thought leadership. Recently, he launched his first online courses on the platform “” which are greatly successful and more than 5000 participants leaving positive feedback gained knowledge  regarding  presentations.

Lukáš Hrdlička Ing., BA(Hons.)